Sunday, April 3, 2011

abandonment babies

helo.. helo.. helo... hye peeppsss its been a while kan tak menaip2 mengupdatekan blog hini... hehe.. this weekk mesti sy akan jd TER SGTLAH BUSY ORNG NYE... isnin sampi khamis everyday ade present tak pn test.. mcm penat je kan blaja nie kan? eh.. haa... itu sje je...kasi pemulaan cite.. ni cite yg nk diceritakan sebenanye.. hehehhe.. pasal "abandonment babies" iaitu pembuangan bayi... mmg agak ketingalan lah sikit kan topic nie.. bcz for me skrng nie bnyk pasal earth quake and alam sekitar kan... tapi nk juga share sikit pasal cerita nie.. ha... mesti korng semua boring nk bace.. tapi takpe.. sy akan hiburkan anda dgn gmba2 yang boleh menakutkan anda.. so.. pasal isu buang bayi ini kan.. mmmg tak boleh nk di pndng remehlah.. Ayu rasa kan kesian sgt dgn bayi tu.. ape lah nk jd kan dgn dunia kita sekarng nie kan.. so ini serba sikt tentang abandonment babies.. enjoy :)

causes of babies abandonment:

A.   The extreme celebration of event is one of the reasons of baby abandonment.
1.    The occasions were celebrated in an extreme manner and encourage liberal socializing and free sex, which resulted in the act of abandonment babies.
2.    For example of the celebration is Valentine’s Day, Birthday party, Independent day and etc.
B.   Poor parental modeling also can be the causes of the baby abandonment.
1.    Don’t give full attention to their children as today many parents are expect their children are good enough.
2.    Parent is too busy with their work.
3.    Conflict in the family kicked out of youth to find a place and friends can help overcome life.
C.   The last causes that can be state are sexual abuse which the women felt.
1.    Abandoned the babies often because they felt betrayed and used by their child's father.
2.    The man simply takes the women for granted.

the effect of the situation: 

A.   There is a number effect of baby abandonment situation, the most is education.

1.    For the women which caught if they are pregnant usually will be expelled from their study.
2.    Usually could not attend to the class because of their condition and also if there is any medical checkup.
B.   The mental pressure will occur to the women because of their illegitimate child.
1.    Most families tend to throw their daughters away instead of giving moral support at the critical moments.
2.    Pressures as no support from family and guilty feeling when get married in future as they had been pregnant out of wedlock and dumped the infant.
C.   As for the effect, there will be an effect of the baby itself.
1.    Does not know if the baby will have a chance to be live or probably be death.
2.    Even if the baby is alive they must be hard to face their life because of their status.

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A.    By the law of this country.

1.    Make sure that parents who dump their infant will be charge with death penalty if they are committing to it.
2.    Make the law is equally to both side for example to the men and women.
B.    More advertising about concern the abandoned babies.
C.   Parents should play high role to teach their children to become good in their behavior, should educating not frighten them.
D.   The religious and educational authorities.
1.    Must play their part in organizing community programs and collaborating with parents to nurture the right values in the immature.

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